Pirkanmaan Voimia

The Pirkanmaan Voimia organisation

Pirkanmaan Voimia Ltd is a company owned by the City of Tampere and the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. We produce and organize meal and cleaning services for our owner-clients competently and responsibly. Every year our 700 professionals serve 12 million meals and keep more than 400 properties clean together with our partners. We make a turnover of about EUR 64 million.

Our services are organized in a customer-driven way. Our business operations are divided into support services for children and young people’s services, the health-care sector, and centres for the elderly and services for City of Tampere offices, health centres, and leisure activities (including the cleaning of city offices, health centres and museums). The individual business units are responsible for producing services in accordance with our service concepts, day-to-day customer service, and reaching of the financial targets set.


We provide nutritious, varied and tasty food every day in hundreds of kindergartens, schools, service centers and lunch restaurants across Pirkanmaa. See our menu here!

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