Looking after people’s of catering and sanitation gives wellbeing is a complex endeavour in which numerous elements interact. Our extensive experience us the best vantage point for taking care of our customers’ overall well-being.

Our large field of operation enables more effective use of scarce resources, which, in turn, enables us to keep supplying our services far into the future. This benefits all Tampere residents. A broad-based network of partners guarantees our flexibility and expertise in various sectors of operation.

A sense of responsibility is the driving motivation for us – responsibility for making the day a good one for an elderly patient, responsibility for children’s strong growth and development, responsibility for providing the best service possible. We respond to that responsibility by constantly improving the quality of our services. In this way, we guarantee the best service for all.

Our operations are governed by environmental considerations, inclusion of our customers in the decision processes, the objective of promoting health and nutrition, and the use of high-quality ingredients.


We provide nutritious, varied and tasty food every day in hundreds of kindergartens, schools, service centers and lunch restaurants across Pirkanmaa. See our menu here!

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