Hygiene services

Together with our partners, we are responsible for the hygiene and tidiness of the City of Tampere’s properties, such as offices, swimming pools, sport facilities and museums. At daycare centres, schools and educational institutions, we are responsible for both hygiene and catering.

We are involved in the everyday life of Tampere residents almost every day. Our cleaning staff makes offices and other public city spaces pleasant for both the workers and customers. Leisure activities are enjoyable when the swimming pools and sport facilities are clean.

Every customer group is special to us. We value our involvement in the daily lives of children and young people and contribute to the provision of education at daycare centres and schools. Taking care of the cleanliness of the environment is important and should be learnt from an early age. We naturally take safety especially seriously. Detergents and cleaning agents are stored properly behind locked doors.

Our procurement of cleaning agents and equipment is responsible and as environmentally friendly as possible. Proper and regular cleaning also spares tax money by extending the life cycle of buildings, as well as affecting the need for repairs and maintenance work.

In-house hygiene services worthy of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We are the first public sector service provider in Finland to have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This label was granted to our in-house hygiene services on 2 April 2019.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been around for 30 years and is one of the best-known and valued brands in the Nordic region. For a product or service to be awarded this ecolabel, it must meet strict environmental criteria based on the life-cycle perspective. The assessment of the product or service takes into account, for example, the origin of the materials, energy consumption, chemical use and waste creation during the entire production and consumption chain.

We are a member of SSTL Puhtausala association

As of March 2017, Pirkanmaan Voimia has been a member of the SSTL Puhtausala ry association. It provides advice and training in the field of hygiene and cleaning and it maintains and develops competence among members, produces training material, and provides information, consulting and training. SSTL Puhtausala ry unites people and organisations with an interest in the hygiene industry and its development. The association was founded in 1970.


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