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We support the growth and development of small children by offering them tasty and balanced meals at Tampere’s day-care centres every day. A healthy diet is an integral part of the early education provided by day-care centres, which create a foundation for healthy eating habits and lifelong well-being. We take an active role in promoting children’s healthy eating habits by serving 4,400 meals, at 75 day-care centres, daily. In addition to taking care of the catering, we keep Tampere’s day-care centres clean so that the children can play, grow, and thrive in a pleasant environment.

Contact information for the day-care centres’ kitchens

Balanced meals

Every meal consists of a main course with side dishes, a salad (focused on greens or grated vegetables) and accompanying dressing, bread and a spread, and a drink (milk, buttermilk, or water). Softer bread is served twice a week. Children who follow special diets may be served specially tailored meals for health or ethics reasons.

The City of Tampere’s policy on special diets, along with forms and diet descriptions

Readily available birthday treats from the day-care centre’s kitchen

Pirkanmaan Voimia offers the option of buying birthday treats for the whole group easily, directly from the kitchen. There are many options, from a fruit bowl to ice cream. The kitchen staff make sure that any special diets are adhered to and bring the order to the day-care centre at the agreed time. For more information, contact the kitchen of your child’s day-care centre.


We provide nutritious, varied and tasty food every day in hundreds of kindergartens, schools, service centers and lunch restaurants across Pirkanmaa. See our menu here!

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