Ethical principles and our responsibility policy

Pirkanmaan Voimia Oy’s ethical principles guide the actions of all our employees, both in management and the day-to-day operations of service production, in large and small actions and choices. The principles guide our operations in all situations, regardless of the matter in question or the person who we are dealing with.

Ethical principles are more than compliance with laws, guidelines or regulations: they ensure the high quality of our work and inform us about what is acceptable and what is not. They also help to ensure that our activities are economically effective.

Voimia’s key ethical principles are the following:

  • We comply with the regulations in force and the principles of good governance
  • We act effectively, openly and honestly
  • We act responsibly
  • We act fairly and with respect

We expect our partners to share our ethical principles where applicable.

We comply with the regulations in force and the principles of good governance

We comply with laws and regulations and do not allow misconduct. We comply with national laws and recommendations in our financial management. We refrain from any action that is or may be considered to be in conflict with our personal or business interests. We do not give or receive bribes and always act with integrity.

We treat confidential information as required by law. We ensure privacy in the processing of personal data. We maintain the data protection and information security competencies of our personnel. We highlight data protection and information security in all our activities and in the development of our services.

We act effectively, openly and honestly

We are prudent in our finances and use the taxpayers’ money responsibly, in the interests of our customers and owners. We develop our activities, products and services in line with our customers’ needs. Our quality policy provides a common basis for quality work in all our activities. We monitor and measure the quality of our operations and are committed to continuous improvement and development.

We are open and honest in our interactions and communications. We provide up-to-date information on our operations and services. We do not misrepresent or hide facts. We empower customers, partners and personnel through ongoing dialogue, feedback and satisfaction surveys.

We act responsibly 

We ensure that sustainability is taken into account in all our activities. For us, sustainability is the economic, environmental and social sustainability of our activities. We integrate sustainability considerations into the development and delivery of our services from the beginning to the end of the service supply chain.

We increase the use of environmentally and climate-friendly ingredients and materials. We make responsible procurement choices, and our procurement criteria address animal welfare considerations, among other things. We prevent waste and adverse environmental impacts by using working methods and equipment that allow this, and by sorting our waste. We avoid all waste and wastage in our operations. We donate leftover food to charity and look for new solutions to make use of food waste. We train our personnel to understand the importance of environmental work and to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We keep discussing environmental values and performance and work to increase our customers’ understanding of them.

We promote social responsibility by employing the long-term unemployed and people with limited working capacity. We help our customers make nutritionally balanced choices every day to support their well-being. We deliver safe services efficiently and economically.

We act fairly and with respect

We treat our customers, employees and partners fairly and promote equality and equity in everything we do. We do not favour anyone, and we do not allow preconceptions to influence our actions. We do not tolerate discrimination, child labour, any form of forced labour or any other violation of human rights. We respect the freedom of association and the freedom of our employees to organise themselves professionally.

We want to ensure that our personnel can work in a safe and healthy working environment. We systematically develop well-being and safety at work. We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour, bullying or harassment in any form.

Our interactions are based on trust and respect. As an organisation, we learn from mistakes and do not seek to apportion blame. We do not deliberately offend anyone through words, gestures or actions. Our personnel, customers and partners can express their views safely.

We behave with dignity and respect, also on social media.

Compliance with our Code of Ethics and supervision of its implementation

It is the responsibility of every employee to comply with our ethical principles. As part of our day-to-day management work, we supervise our compliance with our Code of Ethics. We also assess and report on our compliance as part of our monthly and annual internal controls. Our statutory processes also play a role in ensuring compliance with these principles.

Any employee or third party may anonymously report non-compliance or violations of the Code of Ethics without fear of retaliation or other negative consequences through Voimia’s reporting channel for ethical concerns. Such reports will be duly investigated and appropriate action will be taken where necessary.

Reporting channel for ethical concerns

The reporting channel for ethical concerns is a tool to ensure the effectiveness of our internal controls and that our operations are ethical and responsible.

We expect our entire company and all employees in their daily work to comply with our ethical principles and laws that apply to our company. If our employees or anyone else involved with our organization has reason to suspect that our company or our employees are engaged in unlawful conduct, misconduct or violations of our Code of Ethics, they should immediately report the matter to our company, either to the supervisor of the employee in question, the contract or account manager, the Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs, or other members of management.

However, a report may also be made through the reporting channel for ethical concerns. This reporting channel is a secure service provided by our external partner, through which concerns can be reported confidentially, either anonymously or under your own name. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the investigation, we would prefer that reports not be made anonymously, but this is not a mandatory requirement. Please keep the login code provided by the reporting channel so that you can return to your report, track its progress and respond to any requests for further information.

All reports received through the reporting channel for ethical concerns will be treated confidentially and investigated in accordance with the company’s relevant policy and investigation process. Reports sent through the service can only be read by designated persons. Voimia has an ethics supervision team, which is responsible for ensuring the appropriateness of the investigation and decides on the necessary actions on the basis of a proposal from the investigators.

Reports must be made in good faith. Intentional misreporting is prohibited and may lead to legal consequences.

The channel is not intended for purposes such as providing customer feedback, requests for clarification regarding invoicing or other similar matters relating to the normal operation of the company. Such reports will not be investigated through the process for reports of misconduct or illegality.

Reporting channel for ethical concerns


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