Lunch restaurants

A healthy and balanced lunch enjoyed daily significantly increases energy levels at work. Pirkanmaan Voimia is responsible for arranging the City of Tampere’s staff meal service and the operation of four staff restaurants. Everyone else is also welcome to lunch at service centre restaurants.

There are many delicious meal options available daily. Main course options are served in a buffet and complemented by a delicious salad bar. There is also a daily choice of soup lunch and a lunch salad. Takeaway is also available.

The menu accommodates the tastes of different customer groups, the seasonal supply of foodstuffs and traditional festive foods. We offer light, lactose-free and gluten-free meal options every day. We also prepare other special diet meals to order.

City of Tampere staff meals

Pirkanmaan Voimia is responsible for arranging staff meals and the operation of four staff restaurants. The City of Tampere’s staff meal prices are valid at the restaurants listed below. The meal package and price of staff lunch is the same everywhere, but the menus differ. Staff restaurants can be found all over Tampere and there are also some staff restaurants in the surrounding municipalities.

See the list of City of Tampere’s lunch restaurants here (in Finnish).


We provide nutritious, varied and tasty food every day in hundreds of kindergartens, schools, service centers and lunch restaurants across Pirkanmaa. See our menu here!

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