Environmentally-friendly and clean

We are the first public sector operator to be awarded the Swan label in Finland. It was awarded to our in-house hygiene services on 2 April 2019.

This environmental label has been used for 30 years and is one of the best-known and valued brands in the Nordic region. For a product or service to be awarded the Swan label, it must meet strict environmental criteria based on the life-cycle approach. The evaluation of a product or service addresses, among other things, the origin of the materials, energy consumption during the items’ production and use, as well as chemical usage and waste generation during the whole production and consumption chain.

We are delighted of the first public service in Finland to be awarded the Swan label. The application process for the Swan label with Pirkanmaan Voimia went very well thanks to its open attitude. The children and staff at schools and daycare centres can be certain that their premises are cleaned with both environmental and health considerations in mind”, says Riikka Holopainen, managing director of the ecolabelling body Ympäristömerkintä Suomi.

In our daily business, the environmental commitment that earned us the label shows the most clearly as use of ecolabelled equipment and cleaning agents, but it also characterises our entire cleaning operation. The Swan label has inspired us to commit to decreasing the amount of cleaning agents we use, in order to reduce the chemical load. Of key importance are also the personnel’s professional expertise and a quality control system that guides us towards economic and efficient use of cleaning products by, for example, paying more attention to using the right amounts of cleaning agents.

We are proud of the Swan label and hope that our customers also appreciate our responsible operations that earned us the label!


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