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Home Meal Service – delicious meals delivered at home

To support living at home, Pirkanmaan Voimia prepares and delivers tasty home-style meals to its customers. The overall health and energy levels of the elderly can be improved by a balanced diet. Our menu planning takes into account the preferences and wishes of this age group. When ordering meals, customers can choose more than one favourite dish from the menu if they wish.

A balanced diet is very important for everyone’s well-being and ability to cope with everyday tasks. Our home-delivered meals contain, on average, one-third of the recommended daily nutrient intake for seniors. Our special diet meals take into account each customer’s individual needs. We follow the recommendations of the National Nutrition Council of Finland from 2020.

Home Meal Service menus (in Finnish)

Delicious and easy!

We prepare and deliver meals to order for customers of home care services. Meals are prepared at the Koukun Helmi nutrition centre in the Koukkuniemi area by Lake Näsijärvi.

Each meal consists of a main course, a side dish (potato, mashed potatoes, rice), a vegetable side dish and a dessert. With soup, we always offer bread and a spread as well as fruit. The customer can choose the meal option they prefer from the various options on the daily menu. Get to know our service and contact our customer service at Koukun Helmi!

Read more about the home meal service and download our brochure:

Home Meal Services 2021

Customer service for the Home Meal Service

Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8am to midday. Tel. 040 801 2666, or email: kotiateria.koukun.helmi@voimia.fi

Reliable deliveries

Meals are delivered twice a week on agreed delivery dates between 8am and 4pm. The delivery worker places the ordered meals in the refrigerator and can heat up a meal in the microwave at the customer’s request. Remember that once delivered, the meals must always be kept refrigerated (below + 6 degrees centigrade).


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