Eco Compass

Pirkanmaan Voimia has created an Eco Compass environmental system, adopted by our Board in March 2018, to guide our company’s environmental management. The system was audited in the autumn of 2018. The environmental policy of Pirkanmaan Voimia, Responsible Voimia, was updated in connection with the audit.

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Pirkanmaan Voimia’s environmental policy

Pirkanmaan Voimia’s management have agreed to act in compliance with the objectives of the company’s environmental policy to ensure that sustainable development is taken into consideration in all our operations. We understand sustainable development as the economic, ecological and social sustainability of our activities.

Perspectives of sustainable development are fully taken into account in our service development and service production, from the beginning to the end of our service production chain. We take care of our personnel’s occupational wellbeing and their ability to cope with their work on the long term.

We are committed to responsible procurement. Our procurement criteria address, for example, animal welfare considerations.

We reduce waste and negative environmental impacts through appropriate working methods and tools, as well as by sorting our waste. Our resource planning system helps us optimise the amount of food we produce, which reduces wastage. We donate leftover food to charity and seek new solutions to make good use of leftover food.

As a producer and organiser of services that support the day-to-day lives of Pirkanmaa residents we bear social responsibility for their wellbeing. We also take social responsibility by employing people with serious difficulties in finding employment. Our high-quality cleaning services keep our customers’ environments enjoyable and healthy. We help our customers make balanced decisions on nutrition to support their wellbeing and use society’s resources to produce safe services efficiently and economically.

Open and transparent communication, and interactive collaboration with our customers and interest groups promote responsibility. We invest in our employees’ education and encourage initiative and a proactive attitude. We guide our customers towards healthy and sustainable decisions and involve our customers in the development of our services.


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