Board of Directors and Management Team

Board of Directors

Ilkka Mäkelä, chairman
Hanna Kallio-Kokko
Eija Kamppuri
Juha Liinavuori
Tuukka Liuha
Anna Moilanen
Petteri Paavola
Lea Päivärinne

Management Team

The management team, which meets once a month, directs the company’s operations in accordance with the policies defined by the Board.

Esa Sairanen
Chief Executive Officer

Tarja Alatalo
Chief Business Officer

Liisa Eerola
Chief Financial Officer

Satu Ollikainen
Chief Human Resources Officer

Tuomas Vepsäläinen
Chief Information Management Officer

Sari Nieminen
Staff representative

In addition to the above, the extended management team includes:

Susanna Järvinen
Head of Service, Support for children and young people’s services

Matliisa Lehtinen
Communications Manager

Tuija Silván
Head of Production

Tiina Tamiola
Head of Service, Support for health care and services for the elderly, Offices and leisure services

Perttu Ylinen
Development manager


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