Service centre restaurants

Tasty meals and good company

The restaurants at the Pispa, Pappilanpuisto, Pohjola and Nekala service centres offer the elderly an energising meal in good company. The menu includes a variety of traditional familiar dishes that take into account the taste preferences and wishes of the customers. We follow the recommendations of the the National Nutrition Council of Finland from 2014, “Health from food!”.

The restaurants at the service centres serve 2˗3 delicious lunch options daily. In addition to a hot main course, the meal includes a varied salad bar, bread, spreads and a drink. The meal is complete with a tasty dessert, which can be purchased at an additional price. Many of the service centre restaurants also sell delicious, self-made baked goods.

Our friendly staff will provide service and assistance by, for examply, carrying trays to the table if needed. The restaurants also often have volunteers from Mummon kammari to help make the mealtime enjoyable.

Meal prices

  • Lunch 1 (incl. hot home-style main course or soup with side dishes, salad and bread buffet, drink, and coffee) 10,40 €
  • Lunch 2 (incl. hot home-style main course or soup with side dishes, salad and bread buffet, drink, dessert and coffee) 10,90 €
  • Soup (incl. soup, bread portion + spread, water)  6,10 €
  • Dessert 2.10 €

Prices include VAT 14%

Pensioners can buy a Pirkanmaan Voimia meal pass from service centre restaurants. It will be stamped every time the holder buys lunch at normal price. The pass holder receives every tenth meal free of charge.

Service centre card

Pensioners from Tampere can apply for a service centre card from the City of Tampere. This card entitles them to special-price meals at the service centres and City Bloc clubs. The card application form can be obtained from the service centres and the Kotitori information point. Employees at the service centres and Kotitori will assist in filling in the application, if necessary. The card is free of charge.

Meal prices with a service centre card

  • Lunch of the day (incl. a hot home-style main course with side dishes, salad and bread buffet, drink and coffee) 6.30 €
  • Soup lunch (incl. soup, salad and bread buffet, drink and coffee) 4.60 €

Prices include VAT 14%

More information about the services of the City of Tampere for the elderly

Contact information and opening hours of Pirkanmaan Voimia’s service centre restaurants

Lielahti Service Center Restaurant
Lielahtikeskus 2nd floor
Antti Possin kuja 1, 33400 Tampere
Mon-Fri klo 8am-15pm, breakfast 8am-10am, lunch 11am-13.30pm
Tel. 040 526 8768
Email: ravintola.lielahti(at)

Nekala Service Centre Restaurant
Kuoppamäentie 24, 33800 Tampere
Mon˗Fri 11am˗1.30pm, lunch 11am˗1pm
Tel. 040 801 6202
Email: ravintola.nekala(at)
Nekala menu

Pappilanpuisto Service Centre Restaurant
Kourutaltankatu 2, 33560 Tampere
Mon˗Fri 8am˗3pm, lunch 11am˗1.30pm and Sat 10am˗1pm, lunch 11am˗1pm
Tel. 040 801 6204
Email: ravintola.pappilanpuisto(at)
Pappilanpuisto menu

Pispa Service Centre Restaurant
Simolankatu 4, 33270 Tampere
Mon˗Fri 8am˗3pm, lunch 11am˗1.30pm, Sat 10am˗1pm, lunch 11am˗1pm
Tel. 040 801 6205
Email: ravintola.pispa(at)
Pispa menu

Pohjola Service Centre Restaurant
Pohjolankatu 25 F, 33500 Tampere
Mon˗Thu 9am˗3.30pm, Fri 9am˗3pm, lunch 11am˗1.30pm
Tel. 040 801 6201
Email: ravintola.pohjola(at)
Pohjola menu


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