Hospitals and nursing homes

Meal services for healthcare units

Nutrition is part of the overall care provided by hospitals, supported housing units and residential care services. Pirkanmaan Voimia provides the daily catering services for the hospitals of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and the patients of Rauhaniemi Hospital, as well as the daily meal services for housing service units for the elderly and the disabled, and residents in 24-hour care. We deliver breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and evening snack every day of the week. In addition, Pirkanmaan Voimia provides catering services to customers at service centres and day and activity centres. We follow the recommendations of the National Nutrition Council of Finland from 2020, Vitality in later years and Nutritional Care. Recommendation for hospitals, health centres, service and nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.


The meals on the menu are designed to ensure sufficient energy intake every day. Cooperation between the staff on the wards and the food service personnel is of paramount importance for securing each customer’s overall nutrition. The staff on the wards order the products served at breakfast and for evening snack and with afternoon coffee to complement lunch and dinner.

The Care Nutrition Handbook, prepared and maintained by nutrition planners, is available to hospitals and institutional care wards as well as the nutrition centre.

Meal package

Each day’s meal package ensures an adequate and balance diet for the customer on a daily basis:

  • Breakfast: Porridge or gruel, bread and spread, cold cuts, a piece of fresh vegetable, milk and coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: Meat/fish/chicken in various forms, warm side dish, salad and/or warm vegetable side dish, salad dressing, bread and spread, and milk or buttermilk (Koukun Helmi also serves dessert with lunch).
  • Dinner: Soup or casserole, salad and dressing (with casseroles), bread and spread, milk or buttermilk and a dessert.
  • Evening snack: Yoghurt or sour whole milk or porridge, bread and spread, cold cuts, a piece of fresh vegetable and coffee or tea.
  • Even challenging special diets can be catered for at each meal according to individual needs.

You can find more information about the meals for the residents of housing services run by the city of Tampere here: Daily nutrition for seniors


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